Useful Links

Thanks to CFI-Okanagan and Edwin Hodges for contributing to some of these links..

Wikipedia explanations of key topics:




Logic and Critical Thinking 101 Websites

Critical Thinking Web  Hong Kong University’s introductory logic and critical thinking page; a great resource for initiates to the topic of philosophy!

Need to Know – A logical fallacy is, fundamentally, an error in logic. This website lists some of the major logical fallacies that people present in their arguments. Understanding logical fallacies is a key to understanding the difference between a rational argument and an irrational one.

Argumentum ad hominem — Attacking the opponent directly rather than addressing the opponent’s idea

The Galilean – Philosophy for beginners  This website features articles and lessons that cover the basics of western philosophy, including such topics as rhetoric, metaphysics, analytic philosophy, and a guide to logical fallacies. Plenty to see and read here!

The Critical Thinker Academy  An excellent resource page for new arrivals into the world of critical thinking, and an all-around great resource for everyone else!

Science 101 Websites

Sophia – Basic Science Tutorials  Introductory tutorials to a host of scientific subjects. An excellent resource for non-scientists.

Science Buddies  A fantastic resource page featuring dozens of science experiments for science-fairs or home projects.

Alternative Medicine 101 Websites

Quackwatch  A hilarious and informative website devoted to exposing medical frauds and their claims.

What’s the Harm?  A grim website listing the deaths and injuries that have resulted from sham medical practices.

Science-based Medicine  Simply one of the best resources available on the nature and flaws of just about every form of alternative medicine in existence. The site is maintained by a network of doctors, educators, medical researchers and others devoted to promoting science-based medicine.

History of Vaccines– The history of vaccines explores the role of immunization in human experience and examines its continuing  contributions to human health.

Creationism/Evolution 101 Websites

Talk Origins  A massive archive of creationist claims, complete with rebuttals and supporting documentation. The definitive ‘first stop’ location for anti-creationists.

Understanding Evolution  UCLA – Berkeley’s online introductory guide to evolutionary theory. An excellent resource.

The Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism  A must-watch series of You Tube videos by AronRa which detail the many flaws and issues associated with creationist rhetoric. An excellent introduction to creationism.

National Center for Science Education  A non-profit organization devoted to ensuring that only science and scientific theories are taught in classrooms. This website features articles, news, and detailed information on creationist tactics and strategies for undermining science education.

Conspiracy Theory Websites

Debunking 9/11  One of the most comprehensive compilations of refutations and counter-arguments to just about every 9/11 related conspiracy theory known.

Popular Mechanics – 9/11 Conspiracies Debunked  The famous articles published by popular mechanics which soundly refuted the most common 9/11 conspiracy theories of the time.

The Telegraph’s 30 Great Conspiracies  This website provides a simple introduction to some of the most common conspiracy theories of the 20th Century, and a great place to begin learning about conspiracies.


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