Past Events

2013 Events

January – Discussed what constitutes ridicule vs criticism towards religious and in general, belief systems.

March –  CFI sponsored David Eberth the senior palaeontologist from the Royal Tyrell Museum. His presentation, The False Controversy, was about the false debate of Evolution vs Creationism .

April – Discussion of Neo-Evolution: What are the drivers of the NEW human evolution?

May – Skeptics in the Pub – report from Imagine No Religion, PTE discussion and discussed the School Act and religous indoctrination sponsored by the taxpayers.

June – Presentation by Marc on Homeopathy: Medicine or Religion

July –  Escape from Wooville Barbecue -social

August –  Full Moon Mythbusting – skeptics in the pub

Sept – MS Liberation Therapy-What is the science?

October –The Secret Power of Juries Presentation – guest speaker

December – Analyzing GMO/GE products.. Are they safe? What does the majority of scientists say?

2012 Events

January – Smart Meter presentation- Discussed the pros and cons of smart meters

February – Darwin Day Presentation – We had a successful Darwin day event discussing testicle sizes and mammography parameters.

March – Exploration of what we call ourselves – atheist, humanist, nones or confused

April – Discussion of Micheal Shermer’s Believing Brain

June – Had three presentations based on the Imagine No Religion Conference in Kamloops – Why We Believe in God, Abortion Rights – How the Anti-choice movement is based on religous belief, Freedom of Expression, Multi-culturalism and Political Islam

July – practiced our psychic abilities – We also sent a letter to Nelson city council asking them to re-examine their logic on how they distribute the Permissive Tax Exemptions to some very discriminatory organizations such as churches.

August – Market fest tent – We had a successful psychic marketfest tent where we challenged the general public on psychic ability.

Sept – Logical Fallacies – Presented some logical fallacies that were observed from the psychic tent. The tent was a very useful critical thinking teaching tool that we can execute again at other venues.

October – Debate at Capital Theatre  between two people from CFI and Evangelical Christians– over 100 people attended.

November- Discussed bringing in speakers – David Eberth and Desiree Schell – social

December – Discussed differences between the Salvation Army and the Secular Food Cupboard.