Take a look .   Choose a book.

You may view a new concept or two.


Indulge this Realm.  Watch a Film.

To observe this way takes less than a day.

A few ideas are listed below.  Please send recommendations of your own for titles, topics of interest or anything you might like.

To get a synopsis of the video or book, simply type the title in your search engine (google it) or ask Pat.


-Lying by Sam Harris                            –  Arguably by Christopher Hitchens (107 essays. to choose from)

-A Better Life: 100 Atheists Speak out on Joy and Meaning in a World without God   by Chris Johnson

-Do You Believe in Magic by Paul A. Offit

VIDEOS     on Youtube

-Best of Sam Harris Amazing Arguments and Clever Comebacks    10:38 minutes  This is just a fun example to see this author .

-Type in an authors name in the youtube search line such as Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennet and watch a short video of the author, 5 minutes or so, to get an idea of who these authors are or click on a longer video and watch a few minutes to see if you are interested in viewing this for the media club and discussing it.


– Paul Offit, MD        2 Videos:    1.  2:30 min.        2.    3.52 min.

-The Evolution of Confusion  by Daniel Dennett

-I think we can start here.  Send ideas to Pat’s email.  I am hoping by next month, April, we will have choosen our first selection and choose dates and times to meet after that.  For convenience, we might  meet after a monthly meeting to start.

We might like to read any fiction.  GOOGLE: Pulitzer Prize Fiction…..and view the list of winners for example….or the Booker Prize for fiction….to get ideas about this genre.