May Skeptic Meeting – Let’s Examine EMDR Therapy: Based in Science or Hoax?

DATE:  Tuesday, May 6, 2013
TIMINGS AND LOCATIONS:  Meet at 6 pm for dinner at the KC restaurant  (Let me know if you are coming for dinner)

7:30 pm at the Centre for Inquiry meeting room (also known as the Seniors Centre)-next door to the Civic Theatre

The Nelson Centre for Inquiry (CFI) will be starting a series of presentations called ‘Let’s Examine…” .
Local presenters will be examining popular ideas and beliefs through a process of critical thinking.  The first presentation will be on EMDR.  EMDR was serendipitously founded by a psychologist, Dr. Francine Shapiro, while she was walking through the  park, in 1987, and noticed that she felt decreased anxiety when she was looking back and forth at her surroundings.  EMDR  is one of the most studied psychotherapeutic techniques, amongst the more than 500 techniques that exist.  In this exploration, we will look at what EMDR is, how it’s been perceived in the past, and how it is seen now. 

P’nina Shames, MSW, recently retired from 32 years of clinical work in community mental health, will present the topic, with a view to looking at the science underlying the therapy, the factors that contribute to therapeutic efficacy, and how we define a technique that “works.”
Be prepared for a lively, friendly, and stimulating discussion with the objective of learning new information, and hopefully, enhancing science and debunking unscientific popular belief.  This discussion will open your eyes and mind. 

Want to do some research before the discussion?  Then check out these websites:
and check out Google Scholar to find more science based abstracts and articles.