Quebec’s Charter of Values Discussion

Come one, come all to our March 4th Tuesday Meeting, Senior’s Place  – we are going to meet at 6:30pm so we can socialize a bit first. Bring a dessert, savoury snack or a drink.

What’s Up with Quebec’s Charter of Values? Can you wear a headscarf and work as a health professional?quebec secular charter

6:30 pm  Socializing but really just eating desserts and snacks.

7:00 pm – Ben hailing from Quebec will be leading an informational session and discussion on Quebec’s Charter of values. It is a very controversial issue; especially concerning the prohibition of public sector employees from wearing or displaying “conspicuous” religious symbols.

Ben will be showing some videos and presenting his findings on Quebec’s Charter of Values and will also be examining the impacts multiculturalism in Canada and other countries.. . Discussion will follow.

Ben is suggesting that you read ALL or Some of the below links…..It will help with the discussion.